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Story Time in Sales

Be so memorable that they can't forget you

1) Aim to pull at the heart

Focus on humor, sympathy, sadness, jealousy, love, and safety

One of my most told sales stories involves my new born daughter. It invokes the awww reaction. Which is gold.

2) Brief Brief Brief Backstory

No great story has started with "last Friday, wait.. was it Thursday, no it was Friday" No one cares, it's irrelevant, and you've probably lost my attention before the story began

3) Focus on the Goal

The goal is to take the prospect out of their world of distractions and into yours

4) Non-Fiction - Not Facts

Seasoned sales reps often out of laziness will pitch features and facts. Though your stats might be impressive, they won't be remembered

Example of story telling when bringing up a use case

BAD (and frequently used) EXAMPLE:

One of my clients implemented a survey software and only had .02% success rate. This lead to slow adaption to customer and market changes.

BETTER (and true) EXAMPLE:

So get this, one of my clients spent half a year of asking his customers for feedback. He only had three responses and ALL THREE were typed out in a different language and once they were translated had nothing to do with his business! I mean how is he supposed to make changes with that.

Remember that people will forget what you said and did but they won't forget how you made them feel. (Poor rendition of Maya Angelou's awesome quote) What I'm trying to say is... Make them feel.

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