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How To Get Past The Gatekeeper

Proven results to get past the gatekeeper along with some industry insights

Here are 3 different tactics we use depending on the size of the company and type of gatekeeper:

Avoid the Gatekeeper

Use your network, partners, and clients to get you in-touch with the decision maker

Sale the Gatekeeper

Learn how to befriend, pitch, and close the gatekeeper. Often times they have more decision power than you originally think. This is especially true for SMB sales.

Fake It Till You Make It

If I come across a nasty gatekeeper then I find kindness only makes them worse. If I act purposeful, expectant, and annoyed by them delaying me then the power shift happens and they give me what I want.

For example if I have a meeting with an owner and I can tell the person who answers the phone is hesitant about passing me along I say (in a very direct way) "Well she/he wanted to meet with me and asked that I block out time on my calendar. Are they available??"

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