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Automating your Sales Pipeline

A sales rep can only impact 1 of 3 things that will improve their closed amount. 1) deal size 2) close percentage, or 3) pipeline. This post will highlight how to automate your pipeline generation.

ADM - To get the most out of your ADM keep them accountable. If you leave them up to their own devices I have found that they search after low-hanging fruit. This leads to poor appointments and not the target accounts you wanted them to work. AE - Discipline. Schedule time for you to make a target list of accounts you are going after and have a specific plan of attack. You can search 100 sales blogs to teach you how to go about this.

Partnerships - This has been the bread and butter of my sales career. Finding people to sell the product for you. Go to events, ask questions to your top accounts about who they are connected with, and find a way to get into groups that can benefit from your services. Start the ball rolling with the partnerships you are intersted in and direct your partnership team to go after them.

Marketing - Ask for permission to have their help creating leads for you. Some of the things you can do to drive leads is find journals you can advertise in, do webinars, host events, and send targeted ad's to your targeted accounts. If you do not take the lead in Marketing they will drive leads for someone else.

Clients - Serve them. Check-in with them, see how they are doing, send gifts, then ask for leads. When I ask for referrals right out of the gates I get almost nothing.

What other ways have you found to improve your sales pipeline?

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