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Small Sales Demo Tips

It's the little things in a demo that lead to a close

Be the most confident, optimistic, blunt, and curious version of yourself during all phases of the sale. Be concise, professional, and friendly during all phases of your communication


  1. Research the company to see if it is strike zone (Use data sites like Hoovers/LinkedIn and public filings to do this efficiently)

  2. Send an email out prior to your meeting asking qualifying questions ie - To make the best use of our time during the demo could you answer these questions for me?

  3. Have 3 questions written down


  1. Set clear expectations before the call

  2. Short and sweet demos for non-KDM (don't do a 40 minute demo on something they will summarize in 3 minutes)

  3. Specific results oriented demos to the KDM

  4. Schedule a next event on the calendar

  5. Add value to the role of the person you are speaking with but ask questions that their boss would be more involved with

  6. Give them homework

  7. Ask blunt, brief, and purposeful questions

  8. Ask for the close

  9. Do a live demo and not a slide deck

  10. Have questions that get them talking as much as you

  11. Summarize answers or ask for more details

  12. Empower the no (play a little hard to get)

  13. Educate and correct miss guided thoughts (be the expert)

  14. Be curious about their business

  15. Sale a solution not a feature

  16. Only show features they really care about

  17. Don't add more than 2 value props

  18. Take control of the conversation

Post Demo

  1. Reach out the day after your contact

  2. Reach out the day before your next schedule event (don't ask if that time still works, let them know you can adjust it an hour if needed)

  3. Text overviews and case studies

  4. Send something to their office to help them remember you

  5. Language of assumption in all post demo communication

  6. Connect in social channels with others from their organization

  7. Post demo email template according to their needs and allow for brief personalization

  8. Short emails that attach details

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