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Selling During the Holidays

This time of year can be your best or worst. There isn't much in-between.

I have compiled a few tips, hacks, and advice on how to survive the holiday season as a b2b sales rep:

It's all Mental

This time of year requires you to be patient but confident. Don't negotiate against yourself. The moment you start thinking that this time of year sucks your sales will go down. There is a lot of positive for selling this time of year. Find out what it is in your unique space and use that as leverage going forward.

Follow-up on your Follow-ups

Be aggressive (in a professional way) with your appointment reminders and check-in's. Every appointment you set should be pushed to take place the same day or the following day.

If you are setting appointments that are farther away then 2 days then push to get their mobile number and shoot them a casual text letting them know about the appointment. If you can't get a cell phone number than you can send a calendar invite and put multiple notifications/reminders on the calendar invite:

Be Blunt

The end of the fiscal year means the customer may be needing to spend their remaining budget (if they don't spend it then they lose it). Also, businesses are taxed after reporting their income. So what ever money they don't spend on the business they will be taxed on. Be blunt in mentioning these as reasons to purchase now instead of later. You can also be transparent in your emails to drive interest:

-- James, Everyone knows that there is no better time to purchase technology than now. Why? Because we are trying to hit our year end goals and get more aggressive in discounting than any other time of the year.


One last tip - The holiday season is a unique time for sales reps. Make sure you understand your contacts schedule and set clear expectations and timelines. If you are disciplined, hard working, and personable you will be able to take advantage of the best time of the year

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