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Sales Demo Tips

A fresh look on sales demos with proven results.


According to they have seen proves results for those who flip the demo on its head. This is a mixture of challenger sale but opposite of Spin Selling. They suggest that you start the demo with the solution you are solving. This is achieved well if you can quickly identify their pain.


Brief demos accomplish more. Especially if you are doing a demo with a non-kdm. Why take 30 minutes on a demo that the person is going to summarize in 3 minutes.

Sprinkle the prospect with a demo. Don't drowned them in every detail. To find-out if something is resonating with the prospect refrain from asking if they have any questions. Instead ask what their thoughts are. If they have no comments, questions, or thoughts then move onto something else.

Brief emails accomplish more. More words lead to more confusion or concern. This is the same concept with texts, emails, and LinkedIn messages.


At the start of the demo outline how the call is going to go and what next steps you will want to take place at the end of the call.

At the end of the call address the next steps, confirm, plan, and follow through.


Don't show your best clients. This if unrealistic and can lead to lower conversion rates. Instead after showing off some of your product show 3-5 business that are similar to your prospects size and pain point.


Stories capture prospects memory, interest, and takes them out of their work environment. Features bore and lead to fault finders looking for holes in your product.

To learn more about how to tell stories in sales click here.


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