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How to Handle Objections

Quick tips on overcoming objections

Attack it

Think out what objections the prospect might have and address them before they come up. For example here are 2 different ways to attack the objection that your cost is too high:

Be upfront when going over price-point: "Their are a lot of cheaper tools on the market but as you know, you pay for what you get".
When opening the call and have done some discovery you can say: "Businesses wanting to achieve the results you outlined can plan on spending between x-y on my companies services, another vendor, or doing something internally".

Believe it

What you say to an objection is only a minor part to convincing the prospect. You must wholly believe in your solution and that confidence will inspire confidence in the prospect.

This is a personal challenge because I can understand where their objection is coming from so I don't push very hard. This is a dis-service to the customer and tells me that I don't truly believe in my product.

Don't Focus on it

We can often get into a feature battle or hung up on details. It's important to always bring the conversation back to what problem you are solving.

For example if the customer really wants to fit their entire family into a car then you do not need to dive into the concern that the minivan you showed them isn't as fast as a Corvette, because you can't fit the entire family into a Corvette.

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