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How, Why, & When of Gif's

Learn the how, when, and why of gifs in b2b sales

Using gifs in emails is part art, part science, and part luck. I have calculated gifs to get responses, improve meeting hold rates, and expedite the sales process.

How to include a gif into your email:

If you are using Gify you can drag and drop the gif into your email. If you are using Google Images then you will need to download the image and attach it to the email. If you come across a gif in a deck or email, you can simply copy and it.

The easiest method I have found is to install the gify gmail extension. This allows you to compose an email, click a button, search a gif, and click on the one you want to send.

When Should you:

Use a gif for prospecting, post demo follow-ups, and for people who have just stopped responding.

Make the message brief, a call to action, and humorous.

For example the email on the left was one I sent to a guy who said we were good to go and would be signing the agreement. Then he went dark for 3 weeks. I sent him this email and his response was "haha, great image. Sorry we got tied up. Could you re-send and I will make sure it's done today" - He did sign.

Different strokes for different folks:

Here is my results backed gif selection biases

Older Lady = Cat gif

Younger Lady = Dog gif

Middle aged Lady or Older Man = Political gif

Middle aged Man = Sports related gif or a clip from a 90's TV show

Younger Man = Sports related or political gif

Make your own:

Final Thoughts:

Gifs are a powerful way to capture your targets attention and build a relationship. Send me any gifs you have found to be great in your sales cycle.

One last pro tip - Make them personal. I had a contact who I found out was a massive Atlanta Falcons fan. He wasn't responding to my emails or calls to set up a meeting so I sent him a gif of the Falcons destroying a QB. My message was, "you are making me feel like this QB when trying to schedule a few minutes on your calendar :)" - He responded and is now a great client.

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