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Getting A Signature

You've checked all the boxes, got all the commitments, and now you are just waiting for the signature

Here is a detailed list of scripted activities I do to make sure I get the agreement signed

Pre Agreement being sent

  • Map out timeline and find out if any signers are planning on being out of town

  • Once you get a commitment schedule the on-boarding call. Let them know that this on-boarding can't happen unless you have a signed agreement

  • Collect the mobile number of the person the champion and/or the signer

  • If possible collect payment info early. If they are paying with credit card you can collect that number and tell them you won't run it until the agreement is signed. If they are paying via invoice or ACH, ask to speak with their finance department to see if they need a W9, if the billing address is correct, and if they have a standard NET30 or more that they would like to follow. The more people you can get waiting for the signature the better

  • Let the customer know that you are an anxious sales rep so you will be contacting them regularly. Let them know you will be contacting them daily and if they could simply respond, it would do a lot to ease your anxiety

Agreement Sent

  • Wait one hour and send this email: "Hi {name}, I sent you the agreement a little while ago. Sometimes it ends up in the spam folder. Did you get that?"

  • If no response then call after another hour saying: "Sometimes the agreement ends up in the spam folder and I wanted to make sure you got it. Let's walk through it on the phone to make sure you don't have any questions"

  • The next morning send out a text that says: Your on-boarding rep was asking about when they can expect to see the agreement come in (they want to build out your account) This is a text I got from a recent CEO that signed shortly after:

  • Send the office a cake with some tag line that has to do with your solution. For example my company focuses on making it easy for customers to leave the business a review, so the cakes I send say: "Getting reviews with {your company name} is a piece of cake"

  • If you know of an executive meeting happening when they will sign the agreement. Look up door dash options in their area and send them lunch during the meeting

  • Have a cadence of emails and calls that happen daily to make sure you are staying on-top of any possible hurdles that could come up

  • If 3 days go by I ahve the CSM send an email introducing themselves and pushing for the agreement

  • If a week goes by have your VP or CEO send an email introducing themselves and acting as a reference for you customers

Send me creative ways you have have got an agreement to come in.

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