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Get Free Sales Leads

Here is a hack to get free qualified leads

Whenever I start up a new territory I need to grow the volume of qualified leads I'm working so I can build up a strong pipeline. My favorite and most successful way of doing this is to go check out lead gathering software companies. Submit your name for a demo, or more information, or whatever to peak their interest (it's important to know that I have no intention of viewing a demo).

Once a sales rep reaches out to me via email I have a templated response that is GOLD

"Hi Jake, We have used companies like yours in the past and have not seen the results we were expecting. Would it be possible to send me 50-100 leads with these parameters:"

-the target title that I go after ie CEO, CMO etc.

-the target geography

-the target revenue margins

Almost always I get 50 qualified leads (name number title email etc). I tell the sales rep thank you and to reach out in a few months once I have tested these out. This has been a very easy way to get qualified leads doing very little leg work and if the company you get leads from sends you the best leads then maybe it's worth the investment to check them out for your company.

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