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Structuring Goals

An easy to follow outline that will help you set & accomplish your goals

After years of starting and failing my goals I discovered that if I treat goals like a task list or bunch of to-do's then I would eventually be unmotivated, undisciplined, and un-goal oriented by the end of January. I found if I made goals that were fun then my habits would form and I could accomplish goals at a higher rate. The first step is to make goals on a monthly basis (annual is too far away for me and weekly/daily is too much if I am not used to goals). With that cadence I break goals into 3 segments. Active, Accomplish, and Financial:

Write down three fun activities you want to do this month. For me it is snowboarding, going to a concert, etc.

As a dad with 3 kids, if I don't make being active a priority/goal then it doesn't get done.

Write down three things that you can accomplish this month. For example they could be losing weight, a career oriented goal, finishing a book, etc.

A good way to think about this is what are three things you would be proud of at months end.

Focusing on financial goals keeps finances, your net worth, and expenses top of mind. Some examples of these goals can be to pay off something, purchase something, invest in something etc. Just anything financially focused.


I use an App called Agenda for note taking and tracking my goals.

Good luck with your 2019 goals!

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