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Motivation Test & Fix

Spending more time in the bathroom, lunch break going over an hour and thirty minutes, strolling into the office minutes before your boss does? If any of these are true you may be un-motived.

Here are some tips to get back to being motivated or knowing if it's time to move on.


The snooze button has become your friend and scrolling through LinkedIn is now just a regular thing. Fix: Set-micro goals with micro rewards. (if you make 20 cold call before noon you are headed to the gas station for a drink)


Fear of rejection (wether you recognize it or not) will stop you from making cold calls, trying to win a work related spiff, and pushing for a close.

Fix: Know the prospects are rejecting your tool, not you. Don't take rejection personal.


You may have heard of one too many competent competitors or had more cancellations than you like and this had damaged your belief in the product (this could be unknown to you). Fix: If you truly believed in the solutions you will be providing businesses than you would not be afraid to jump on the phone and go to work

For more advice on how to change your mind set you can check out this awesome video by Mel Robbins:

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