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How to Avoid Being Motivated

Motivation is overrated. Let's attack it, learn from it, and not be better because of it.

Imagine this horrible situation. You wake up to your alarm and get out of bed without hitting snooze, head to the gym for an awesome workout, once in the office you stay on task, close a bunch of deals, get a promotion, and head home feeling accomplished.

Wouldn't that be the worst?

To avoid this trap I would like to offer a few bits of advice

1) Don't wake up early

2) Don't set goals

3) Don't listen to educational or uplifting things on your commute

4) Don't be positive 6) Don't sacrifice the small returns for the large ones

but most of all

7) Don't find your why

Your why is your greater purpose. While all the things above push you towards a goal, finding your why pulls you towards it. Financial gain, personal esteem, and dominance is not a good Why. A good Why has to do with a larger more holistic goal.

For Example: A Dentist's Why could be that they want to make people feel like they have a beautiful smile. A Theme Park Owner's Why could be to better unite families. Finding a Why is easy in careers like Social Workers and Teachers.

Finding a Why is very difficult in sales professional (and oddly enough it's also common in accountants)

So if you are in sales (or an accountant) and you enjoy being un-motivated then you should not watch this video about finding your why: (Warning - it's inspirational and possibly life changing)

Check out the SaaS Sales Trainer Video Library for clips on motivation, training, and sales hacks

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