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Sales Tips and Hacks

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Here is my library for creating your own custom content:

How to Gain Trust

Clients must trust you, your business, and your desire to help them before the will move forward.

Watch this video to learn 4 tips on how to gain trust from your prospects

How to Make a Gif

Instructions on how to make a gif right on your phone, using a free app, that is extremely simple to use.

Using gifs in emails makes them a lot more sticky and are proven to drive engagement.

How to Make Your Screenshots Pop in an Email:

Simple instructions on how to transform the way your emails appear. Using some free tools you can make the content in your emails pop off the page.

How to show Mobile View on a Desktop

Do you sale a technology or widget that looks really good on a mobile device, but your screen share is only showing your desktop view, and pictures of the mobile experience? If so you can use these quick tips to show off your product in mobile view - while being on your desktop.

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