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Improve your Hold Rate

No Mo' No Show

Nothing is worse than grinding all day on the phones only to set meetings that don't answer when you call. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your hold rate:

Push for Same Day

We naturally fear rejection. We buffer this by asking our prospects easy questions like, can I call you in a few days, next week, or when would work for you. This gives the prospect an easy way to say sure let's meet and deep down they know they will not answer if ANYTHING else comes up. Fight back against this by asking if now works or during their lunch, or in an hour, or anytime besides later.

Ask Qualifying Questions

Get on the phone, state your purpose, and get something scheduled asap. After you get a time scheduled, slow down and say "in order to make this call the best use of your time, is it okay if I ask you a few questions regarding your company" You almost always will get a yes. Then you can proceed to ask questions about: Their role at the company, pry for competitive intel, find out where the drive pain and bring in value. etc.

Send a Text

Ask for their cell phone number so that you can remind them of the appointment, make it easy for them if they need to re-schedule, and so you can send them a teaser before your call will make your hold rate jump up significantly.

Send a Gift

If after everything you try the customer can only take a meeting a week or two from when you called then do this one simple sales hack to make your meeting stick. Send the prospect a gift. I've sent cakes before with icing saying some catchy line about how sweet my company is.

This tactic will improve your hold rate and will make it so your company will be stuck in their mind.

To make it easy to remember these tips you can print out this infographic:

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