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B2B Sales Demo Tips

Chill-out and be prepared

Here are 4(5) tips to help your B2B Sales Demo's:

  • Have a Script - Think of your favorite motivational clip in a movie. How do you think those moments would have gone if that actor just decided to "wing-it". Have a script written out for each buyer persona. Sales Pitches that have a lot of tangents and don't follow a script make the sales rep seem junior

  • Pre-Written Questions - Write down 5 questions before every sales demo. This was crucial for me when I was early in my sales career. Mid-Demo I would find my train of thought lost and I could quickly look down at my questions and get the demo back on track

  • Derail Concerns before they Start - Junior Sales reps spend time learning, training, and preparing for objection resolution. The practice is after some effective discovery you should have an idea of some of the objections that the prospect might bring to the surface. Once that's done you can manipulate the sales pitch to address the concerns before the client brings them up. ie - if the business is small you should focus on the ROI other small businesses have seen with your product.

  • Confidence in the Close - The best way I have found to increase my confidence is to not really care if they say no. This mentality makes me seem less desperate, ask difficult questions, and have either a closed deal or clear next steps

One last tip - If you're doing a sales demo with a non-KDM. Don't do a 45 minute pitch on something they are going to re-cap to the boss in 5 minutes or less. Give them a preview of your technology, ask executive level questions, get them on your side, and then ask if the KDM has time to talk today.

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